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  • Okame Flowering Cherry
  • Okame Flowering Cherry
  • Okame Flowering Cherry
  • Okame Flowering Cherry
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Okame Flowering Cherry

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For those seeking to embellish their driveway with a stunning touch of pink charm, the Okame cherry tree is the perfect choice. This exceptional Prunus variety stands out as one of the most captivating among flowering trees, boasting vibrant bursts of color that rival any other tree species.If you're eager to introduce an exquisite, picturesque pink tree to your driveway, the Okame cherry tree is your ideal option. Renowned for its striking beauty, this exceptional Prunus species dazzles with bursts of color that are sure to captivate onlookers.


Noteworthy Attributes:
- Showcases delicate five-petaled, pink blossoms in the springtime
- Releases a gentle, inviting fragrance
- Draws in pollinators to enrich your garden ecosystem
- Requires minimal pruning, ensuring effortless upkeep

  • Tree Personality: Vase-shaped

    Growth Speed: Medium

    Shipping Height: 3' - 4'

    Scientific Name: Prunus 'Okame'

    Mature Height: 15–25'

    Mature Spread: 15–20'

    Sun Preference: Full Sun

    Soil Preference: Loamy, Moist, Well Drained

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