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Discovering Local Businesses Committed to Serious Sustainability: Unveiling the Surprising Impact of Simple Steps for Environmental Protection.

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Known for their elemental natural style and attention to detail, they offer a bespoke artistry of floral movement customized for any event.

Seasonal blooms and gracefully wild textures inspire their designs, exclusively created for each occasion. The team at Persephone is

committed to sustainability, proudly avoiding the use of floral foam and hand-selecting all blooms, featuring local growers when the seasons allow.

Visitors can enjoy ever-evolving galleries on their website and explore their wild florist/studio which showcases local artisans and fine, fresh florals.

They extend a complimentary consultation for weddings and all event proposals, with appointments available.


Willing to travel throughout the beautiful New England area.


Show your support of sustainability in shopping with this incredible organization!

The Simple Steps of Supporting Local Businesses Who Actively Participate in Sustainable Practices Starts With You!

Featured Local Business: Persephone Flowers


29 Hudson Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776, United States

(351) 220-1127

Monday- Saturday 10:00 AM-5:30 PM 

or by appointment 

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